Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Best Friend

The Best Friend
By Shiri Chizumi

How can I just stand here
And watch you pretend to be happy
When we both know that he doesn’t love you
And he just longs to be free?

How can I just comfort you
And tell you that he doesn’t mean to hurt you
When I felt the pain and the sorrow
That you have went through?

How can I say the words
“fight for your what you believe in”
when he doesn’t even seem to notice you
and this builds a gap in between?

How can I just watch you cry in the darkness
Muttering his name in your sleep
Trying to control myself from crying
Because of my secret that I promised to keep

How can I make myself smile
In spite of what I see in your eyes
Making me tell you everything’s alright
Surrounding yourself with all these lies

How can I share
This last dance with you
When we both know it’s not me you want
But the one who has hurt you?

And how can I find the courage
To say what I have been feeling all these years
When you only see me as your best friend
As keep this to myself and fight back all the tears…

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