Sunday, May 20, 2007

my friend

My Friend
By Malystrynx

I never thought that I’d find
The most perfect friend
Who shares a friendship
That simply doesn’t end

The way that he would
Turn my world upside down
And still care about me
Even when no one was around

The times he encouraged me
To continue on the fight
Saying that I have to be strong
And everything would be alright

The times that he was there
To catch me when I’d fall
And how he’d stretched out his hand
Whenever I would call

So with a friend like this,
What could I possibly ask for
Than for him to share his friendship
With me more and more

Thank you wouldn’t be enough
For they are only words I know
Because he gave me more than that
In deeds, words can’t show

But I want him to know
That he saved me form harm
Kept me safe
And made me warm

Who else could my friend be,
Other than Y-O-U
Who cared for me
Through and through

So thank you, my friend
For staying with me
For you made me complete
And all that I could be…

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