Sunday, May 20, 2007

From a distance

Looking at you from afar
For this is the best view I get
Wishing to get closer to you
Rather than being someone you just met

Longing to hold you in my arms
Even for just a while
Tempted to turn that little frown
Into one big smile

Wanting to grasp your warm hands
And hold them together with mine
Making everything seem like
Part of our own time

Craving to caress your face
And ruffle your spiked hair
Imagining what we would be like
As a sweet loving pair…

Yearning to hear our endless laughs
Echo through our ears
Hoping this relationship
Would last more than years

Craving to stare into your
Intense black eyes
And hope that our love
Would soar through the skies

Hoping to hear you whisper
Those three sweet words
Making me feel warm inside
Hope my wish would be heard

But then again, how can it be?
When I am right here away from you
And from this distance, I can see you with her
Hoping someone would just block my view…

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