Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Best Friend

How could I be
With you all the time
When your face still
Makes me lose my mind?

How can I just offer my shoulder,
Whenever he makes you cry
When I know better that
You’re the reason why?

How can I stand
In the corner and hide
When you’re with him
And it hurts me so inside?

How can I end up
Not saying anything
When my heart can’t find words
To express what I’m feeling?

How can I just smile
And say that I’m happy for you
When I found out that you’re getting married
And it makes me blue?

How can I risk
Being in love with you
When we both know
That this will never be true?

How can I let you say goodbye
When you own my heart
While we promised before
Till death do us part.

How can I not hate myself
For everything I didn’t do
Especially since I know deep inside
That I still love you.

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