Sunday, May 20, 2007

Remembering you

When I look at the night sky
I often wonder where you are
It seems that you’re with me
No matter how far.

When I lie down on my bed
And stare at the blank ceiling,
I always think about
How you are doing

When I lay down on the grass,
I remember all the things we used to do
There’s never a dull moment
Whenever I spend it with you.

When I walk down the street
And smell a familiar fragrance in the air
I always remember the perfume
That you used to wear.

Whenever I buy something to eat
And sit around the park
I think of the times we used to chat
Way until dark.

When the wind hits my face,
I feel the sweet protection you used to give
That always makes me calm
And gives me the will to live.

When I hear the song
That you used to play,
I sing to the tune
And it cheers up my day

When I recall the words
That you sweetly said
It helps me forget
The fact that you’re already dead

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