Sunday, May 20, 2007

servitude of a knight to his king

I bring my wounded body to its knees
Presenting the victory that you please
Wanting to show you how far I would go
To protect you and your kingdom from foes
Following you around like I was a leech
Even in places that seemed hard to reach
I felt like I was living a double life
Keeping you safe from Death’s sharpened knife
But nevertheless, I ignored what my mind says
For I am still just a knight in every way

I forget my thoughts as I hear it with my own ears,
The beckon of your call in the background of the spectators’ cheers
You give a command; the order of battle
We immediately leave the kingdom with minor rattles
Into the doors of our enemy, we barge
Shouting at the top of our lungs “Charge!”
The enemy stood no chance against us
As the fire burnt their ashes to dust
But fate seemed to be on their side
As a burning arrow pierced my protective hide

Blood gushing from my wound
Seeping into the ground
Falling on my knees… again
Bringing not a victory but the loss of one of your men
I start to see the light of the morning dawn
Realizing that I was never really a knight in your chessboard---
I was just a mere white or black Pawn…

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