Sunday, May 20, 2007

were we inseparable

We were always together, me and you
Taking on the world in two’s
Helping each other get through
And fighting the awful blues
But that was a long time ago
What happened? Why did I become your foe?
I don’t think I have ever done anything
To jeopardize our friendship or our feelings
You’re with you new friends now
What has happened to our vow?
Whenever I would pass you by the hall
You never wave hi or even call
You’re like a total stranger who I never knew
Is this truly the real you?
Maybe this is just a phase,
Some sort of test we have to face
A kind of hindrance in our short-lived lives
A strike from a sharp double-edge knife
Because even though you act this way
I won’t give up easily on you—my friend of yesterday

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