Sunday, May 20, 2007

questions from the heart

How can I have
Fallen for you?
How can I be sure that
This feeling is true?

Why couldn’t I have fallen
For some other guy?
Why can’t I see
The reason why?

What could I have
Possibly fallen for?
What did I see in you
That I wasn’t there before?

Where have you been
Hiding all this time?
Where did I get the thought
Of you being mine?

When can I see that
I haven’t gone insane?
When will I feel
This pleased again?

Who could say that
This isn’t romance?
Who could say that
I don’t deserve this chance?

These are questions that
Come from an honest heart.
Questions that will never
Keep us apart

But again the question,
That I never got to say,
Will you promise me
That you’ll forever stay?

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