Sunday, May 20, 2007

colored glass

Colored Glass
By Shiri Chizumi
Through my heart they pass
Sharp shards of glass
They slowly break my heart into two
But still, I keep asking, how could you?

My life was just day and night
Nothing special, just black and white
But then you came along,
And everything started to go wrong.

I started feeling funny things,
Started to look forward to what each day brings
Started thinking life was great
Started believing that there was such a thing as fate.

I was blinded by all the colors you brought in my dreams
I started seeing the silver-tinted blue-green of gentle streams
The sunshiny yellow you mixed in with the redness of my heart
The way I felt blue whenever we were apart.

It was your fault that I’d get a silly smile in my face for no reason at all,
Your fault that I would wait by the phone just waiting for your call
Your fault that I would always dream of holding you so close and near
Your fault that I’d get confused with the things that were once clear

And as time passed, it only got worse
I started seeing the near-invisible pink-violet tinges in flowers
Started seeing the beautiful rainbows in the sky
You made me weak, made me smile, made me cry.

You did ghastly things to me
You showed me what it really was to be happy
You taught me how to fly, how to be free
But now that I think about it, why couldn’t you just let me be?

I blame you for making me feel the pain when dreams die
For making me fear being apart or saying goodbye.
For not letting me leave things as they were
For making me feel and see all that color.

Because now that you’re gone, it’s back to black and white
Because when you left you took all the color and the warm light
Because now I know what love feels like, what love truly is
I’m missing every laugh, every smile, and every kiss

You let me into your techni-colored world for some time
And I could never forgive you for such a crime
You let me love you, let me build dreams of gold, silver and brass
Then you left, leaving me with nothing but shattered, once-colored glass

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