Sunday, May 20, 2007


What I need is
A man true to his word
Someone that can make
My wishes be heard

What I want is
A man with a strong heart
Someone who’ll take care of me
Even if we are apart

What I like is
A man with a gentle touch
So that when he goes away
I will miss him very much

What I love is
A man with a killer smile
Someone who would make
My troubles seem worthwhile

I may sound a little demanding
Even greedy if you may
But it’s only a wishThat might come true someday…


What I need is
A man true to his word
Someone that can make
My wishes be heard

What I want is
A man with a strong heart
Someone who’ll take care of me
Even if we are apart

What I like is
A man with a gentle touch
So that when he goes away
I will miss him very much

What I love is
A man with a killer smile
Someone who would make
My troubles seem worthwhile

I may sound a little demanding
Even greedy if you may
But it’s only a wishThat might come true someday…


We may not be perfect
But we surely do our best
We may not work together
But don’t put our cooperation to the test

We may be a little frantic
But we listen when we have to
We may be a bit restless
But that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about you

We may not be able to show it
But it’s certainly in our hearts
We thank you for coming in our lives
And making our lives perfect from the start

from the heavens to the moon

I know that we haven’t
Known each other that long
But for the short time we’ve been together
Our relationship has grown strong

Even if sometimes, we hold
A grudge against one another
We both know that a little space
Can bring us back together

I know that sometimes
We have some problems
But I’m sure that no matter what happens
We will surely conquer them

But what will we do
If one of us is gone
Will we still know when to hold our head high
Or differentiate right from wrong

Where would we know
Where the light would shine
If we both know
That whatever yours is mine

So my wish for you
Is that you come back soon
For I miss you my Gemini
From the Heavens to the Moon

how can i?

How can I make sacrifices
In exchange for your affection
When I know for certain
That I can’t meet up your expectations

How can I handle the pain
That you have caused
When we both know that we can’t return
What was once lost

And how can I bear
All the wrong things that you’ve done
When I know for a fact that I still love you
Even though you are gone…

thoughts of you

The candle light flickers in the dark
As raindrops fall aimlessly
I try not to think about it
But something still makes me lonely

I try to figure out
What it is
But as I look deeper
I realize that it doesn’t exist

It may be a small thing
And for you, may not really matter
But you don’t know that without it
I will surely shatter

Can't stand you

Can’t stand the way you would walk pass me
Making me turn into your direction,
Letting time slip by my fingers
And losing every bit of my concentration

Can’t stand the way you would call my name out of nowhere
With your voice like the whisper of the wind to a tree
Causing me to freeze like an abstract statue
Not knowing what I should or who I should be

Can’t stand the way you would sing songs
That are obviously out of tune
But you make my world flourish
Even if it’s in the middle of June

Can’t stand the way you would laugh loudly
With a joke that’s clearly shallow
But you would find it very amusing
As everyone else follows

Can’t stand the way you would tell me
A very silly but nevertheless funny joke
Nor the way you would sneak up behind me
Just to take a sip from my coke

Can’t stand the way your hair
Is combed down in the morning
Nor the way you wouldn’t answer
My calls to you in the evening

Can’t stand the way you would
Belittle others especially me
And my so called talents
But it’s no big deal, really

Can’t stand the way
You would make me chase you around the school
Just for you to see how fast I could go
And Making me act like a complete fool

Can’t stand the way you would
make me stutter words all of a sudden
even if I have perfect diction
it just sort of happens

Can’t stand the way you would
Take food from my plate
But I guess it can’t be helped
Since I think of it as our mini date

Can’t stand the way you would make everything
Seem like some ridiculous joke
Even if the problem appears very deep
And the towel I’m crying on seems to be soaked

But the thing that I can’t really stand
is how you make me fall endlessly in love with you
with only your smileand just about everything that I can’t stand about you that you do


It’s hard for me
To keep pretending like this…
Pretending that I don’t want your love
Or that you don’t even exist…
Why do I have to keep
Being arrogant all the time?
When I know that it’s only you
That fills my mind…
The way you would walk down
The corridor during class hours
And how I find myself spacing out
Like a prisoner behind bars
The way you would call out my name
And often laugh when I get mad
Cause of your wrong pronunciations
But it isn’t all that bad
Since you still make me smile
With your silly jokes
Or how you would chase me around
Just to take a sip from my Coke
The way you look in the mornings
With your hair brushed down
Nor the way you would tease me
And make me chase you around
The way you would send
Shivers down my spine
Oh how I wish
You were mine…
And how I wish I can let down
All my defenses
To show you who’s the real me
But I have to keep up false pretenses…
To ensure you and myself
That all is safe from any sort of harm
Except my heart which is breaking into two
But still constantly tries hard to keep me warm
Despite the truth that I know
That you have no feelings for me
And it’s something I’ve been used to,
False Pretenses aren’t new…

From a distance

Looking at you from afar
For this is the best view I get
Wishing to get closer to you
Rather than being someone you just met

Longing to hold you in my arms
Even for just a while
Tempted to turn that little frown
Into one big smile

Wanting to grasp your warm hands
And hold them together with mine
Making everything seem like
Part of our own time

Craving to caress your face
And ruffle your spiked hair
Imagining what we would be like
As a sweet loving pair…

Yearning to hear our endless laughs
Echo through our ears
Hoping this relationship
Would last more than years

Craving to stare into your
Intense black eyes
And hope that our love
Would soar through the skies

Hoping to hear you whisper
Those three sweet words
Making me feel warm inside
Hope my wish would be heard

But then again, how can it be?
When I am right here away from you
And from this distance, I can see you with her
Hoping someone would just block my view…

were we inseparable

We were always together, me and you
Taking on the world in two’s
Helping each other get through
And fighting the awful blues
But that was a long time ago
What happened? Why did I become your foe?
I don’t think I have ever done anything
To jeopardize our friendship or our feelings
You’re with you new friends now
What has happened to our vow?
Whenever I would pass you by the hall
You never wave hi or even call
You’re like a total stranger who I never knew
Is this truly the real you?
Maybe this is just a phase,
Some sort of test we have to face
A kind of hindrance in our short-lived lives
A strike from a sharp double-edge knife
Because even though you act this way
I won’t give up easily on you—my friend of yesterday

sister to sister

The love that runs between
Me and my sister is very deep
The bond between us
Is not hard to keep
We share and indulge
In the same dreams
As we walk hand-in-hand
Along those quiet little streams
We fight, we argue
But still we get along
We even sing the same
Out-of-tune songs
The road to our dreams
Seems a little steep
But I believe that whatever happens
Our love will still run very deep.

mental mayhem

It’s hard to tell the meaning
Of words never said
Because all of them just echo
Right inside my head
It’s hard to decipher codes
Written all over their face
Because after a short moment
They disintegrate without a trace
It gets confusing
When meanings are made
And when transcribed codes
Just suddenly fade
Then the world of perception
I built upon them
Tumbles down in ruins
And generates mental mayhem.

servitude of a knight to his king

I bring my wounded body to its knees
Presenting the victory that you please
Wanting to show you how far I would go
To protect you and your kingdom from foes
Following you around like I was a leech
Even in places that seemed hard to reach
I felt like I was living a double life
Keeping you safe from Death’s sharpened knife
But nevertheless, I ignored what my mind says
For I am still just a knight in every way

I forget my thoughts as I hear it with my own ears,
The beckon of your call in the background of the spectators’ cheers
You give a command; the order of battle
We immediately leave the kingdom with minor rattles
Into the doors of our enemy, we barge
Shouting at the top of our lungs “Charge!”
The enemy stood no chance against us
As the fire burnt their ashes to dust
But fate seemed to be on their side
As a burning arrow pierced my protective hide

Blood gushing from my wound
Seeping into the ground
Falling on my knees… again
Bringing not a victory but the loss of one of your men
I start to see the light of the morning dawn
Realizing that I was never really a knight in your chessboard---
I was just a mere white or black Pawn…

to remember

I still remember that day
When you made my heart astray
And since then I just couldn’t look away
Until I could confess how you made me feel this way

I still remember that night
When I felt love at first sight
‘Coz you shone upon me your light
And everything just felt so right

I still remember that time
When I couldn’t get you out of my mind
Because you were just so fine
That I wished you could be mine.

I still remember when
You saw me broken
We borrowed a little piece of heaven
Until you made me whole again

I still remember that song
That we used to hum along
It would always make me strong
And correct whatever was wrong.

And I still remember
How we used to be together
I wish that I can do better
Than just trying to remember

the light of friendship

I’ve seen the light of Friendship
And it’s in you
In everything that you are
And everything you do.

It’s a perfect light
For all to see
It radiates from you
And has pierced the heart of me

The light is from a true friend
That makes me feel warm
It lets me know how loved I am
And keeps me safe from harm

To you my friend, I am thankful
In each and every way
For you lifted my spirits
With each passing day

To know that you are there for me
Just makes me feel alive
‘Coz it’s your friendship’s light
Upon my love for you thrives

So thank you… isn’t good enough
For they are only words that I know
For your light of friendship
Gives my world its glow

But “Thank you” anyway,
For sharing your light with me
For it helped me become
Everything I could be…

The Best Friend

How could I be
With you all the time
When your face still
Makes me lose my mind?

How can I just offer my shoulder,
Whenever he makes you cry
When I know better that
You’re the reason why?

How can I stand
In the corner and hide
When you’re with him
And it hurts me so inside?

How can I end up
Not saying anything
When my heart can’t find words
To express what I’m feeling?

How can I just smile
And say that I’m happy for you
When I found out that you’re getting married
And it makes me blue?

How can I risk
Being in love with you
When we both know
That this will never be true?

How can I let you say goodbye
When you own my heart
While we promised before
Till death do us part.

How can I not hate myself
For everything I didn’t do
Especially since I know deep inside
That I still love you.

Remembering you

When I look at the night sky
I often wonder where you are
It seems that you’re with me
No matter how far.

When I lie down on my bed
And stare at the blank ceiling,
I always think about
How you are doing

When I lay down on the grass,
I remember all the things we used to do
There’s never a dull moment
Whenever I spend it with you.

When I walk down the street
And smell a familiar fragrance in the air
I always remember the perfume
That you used to wear.

Whenever I buy something to eat
And sit around the park
I think of the times we used to chat
Way until dark.

When the wind hits my face,
I feel the sweet protection you used to give
That always makes me calm
And gives me the will to live.

When I hear the song
That you used to play,
I sing to the tune
And it cheers up my day

When I recall the words
That you sweetly said
It helps me forget
The fact that you’re already dead

questions from the heart

How can I have
Fallen for you?
How can I be sure that
This feeling is true?

Why couldn’t I have fallen
For some other guy?
Why can’t I see
The reason why?

What could I have
Possibly fallen for?
What did I see in you
That I wasn’t there before?

Where have you been
Hiding all this time?
Where did I get the thought
Of you being mine?

When can I see that
I haven’t gone insane?
When will I feel
This pleased again?

Who could say that
This isn’t romance?
Who could say that
I don’t deserve this chance?

These are questions that
Come from an honest heart.
Questions that will never
Keep us apart

But again the question,
That I never got to say,
Will you promise me
That you’ll forever stay?

my guide

The summer sun strikes
Warm across my cheek
As a voice behind me
Whispers so firm yet so meek

I try to call out
To the voice I’ve heard
But no one answers back
Not even a single word

A single tear
Drops on the floor
As I strengthen myself
To hold back more

But suddenly I see a light
At the end of the road
A light so clear and pure
Turning my surroundings into gold

I slowly walk towards the light
With my hopes held up high
Wishing all my frustrations
Would all just die

And there I was,
With every dream come true
It took me a long time to realize,
All I needed was you…

my friend

My Friend
By Malystrynx

I never thought that I’d find
The most perfect friend
Who shares a friendship
That simply doesn’t end

The way that he would
Turn my world upside down
And still care about me
Even when no one was around

The times he encouraged me
To continue on the fight
Saying that I have to be strong
And everything would be alright

The times that he was there
To catch me when I’d fall
And how he’d stretched out his hand
Whenever I would call

So with a friend like this,
What could I possibly ask for
Than for him to share his friendship
With me more and more

Thank you wouldn’t be enough
For they are only words I know
Because he gave me more than that
In deeds, words can’t show

But I want him to know
That he saved me form harm
Kept me safe
And made me warm

Who else could my friend be,
Other than Y-O-U
Who cared for me
Through and through

So thank you, my friend
For staying with me
For you made me complete
And all that I could be…

colored glass

Colored Glass
By Shiri Chizumi
Through my heart they pass
Sharp shards of glass
They slowly break my heart into two
But still, I keep asking, how could you?

My life was just day and night
Nothing special, just black and white
But then you came along,
And everything started to go wrong.

I started feeling funny things,
Started to look forward to what each day brings
Started thinking life was great
Started believing that there was such a thing as fate.

I was blinded by all the colors you brought in my dreams
I started seeing the silver-tinted blue-green of gentle streams
The sunshiny yellow you mixed in with the redness of my heart
The way I felt blue whenever we were apart.

It was your fault that I’d get a silly smile in my face for no reason at all,
Your fault that I would wait by the phone just waiting for your call
Your fault that I would always dream of holding you so close and near
Your fault that I’d get confused with the things that were once clear

And as time passed, it only got worse
I started seeing the near-invisible pink-violet tinges in flowers
Started seeing the beautiful rainbows in the sky
You made me weak, made me smile, made me cry.

You did ghastly things to me
You showed me what it really was to be happy
You taught me how to fly, how to be free
But now that I think about it, why couldn’t you just let me be?

I blame you for making me feel the pain when dreams die
For making me fear being apart or saying goodbye.
For not letting me leave things as they were
For making me feel and see all that color.

Because now that you’re gone, it’s back to black and white
Because when you left you took all the color and the warm light
Because now I know what love feels like, what love truly is
I’m missing every laugh, every smile, and every kiss

You let me into your techni-colored world for some time
And I could never forgive you for such a crime
You let me love you, let me build dreams of gold, silver and brass
Then you left, leaving me with nothing but shattered, once-colored glass

Christmas at a Dorm

Christmas at a Dorm
By Shiri Chizumi

Christmas Eve
She sits alone on her bed.
All these thoughts running thorough her head
Right now, what she is feeling
What she was led all her life to believing
Back and forth; she starts to do
The dead silence in her room
No one
She thinks is there for her
Anything than that she’d definitely prefer
Running down her face
Engulfing her in a cold embrace
The clock strikes; half-past twelve
She looks up scornfully, loathing herself
She thinks she shouldn’t be doing
She answers after a moment of hesitating
She whispers hollowly to the caller
Merry Christmas
An old friend happily greets her
What, in quite a while, she hasn’t done
They did, until a quarter to one
She grabbed quickly; she was going out
She looked once again; this time, not with a pout
She did, as she went to meet her old friend down the hall
Someone cared; life could go on, after all

The Best Friend

The Best Friend
By Shiri Chizumi

How can I just stand here
And watch you pretend to be happy
When we both know that he doesn’t love you
And he just longs to be free?

How can I just comfort you
And tell you that he doesn’t mean to hurt you
When I felt the pain and the sorrow
That you have went through?

How can I say the words
“fight for your what you believe in”
when he doesn’t even seem to notice you
and this builds a gap in between?

How can I just watch you cry in the darkness
Muttering his name in your sleep
Trying to control myself from crying
Because of my secret that I promised to keep

How can I make myself smile
In spite of what I see in your eyes
Making me tell you everything’s alright
Surrounding yourself with all these lies

How can I share
This last dance with you
When we both know it’s not me you want
But the one who has hurt you?

And how can I find the courage
To say what I have been feeling all these years
When you only see me as your best friend
As keep this to myself and fight back all the tears…

Friday, May 18, 2007


Alone I find myself
Missing your touch
You just don’t notice
How I miss you so much

Alone I tremble
In the darkness
At the fear of losing
One’s happiness

Alone I remember the
Sweet smile on your face
No, it stays there
And will never be erased

Alone I watch
The rain drops fall angrily
Without your presence
That makes me so lonely.

Alone I find myself
Wandering aimlessly
I just seem lost
Without you in my fantasy

Alone I start to act weird
And feel insane
Because without you in my life,
Just brings me so much pain.